November 22


10 Best Places to Write At When You Are Tired of Writing at Home

Are you sick and tired of writing at home?

Are distractions causing you to procrastinate with making progress on writing your book?

Are your kids and the dog getting on your last nerves when you are trying to get work done?

I’ve been there, you’ve been there, and almost every writer has had this problem.

Writing at home may be convenient since you don’t have to pay for a separate office space or commute to another destination.

But the downsides of writing at home can pose many problems, such as being distracted by your television, your kids, the bed, your neighbor mowing the lawn, etc.

These distractions can become a hindrance to you completing your book.

In this post, I want to share the 10 best places to write when you are tired of writing at home. After reading this post, pick one or two of these writing locations and start writing from there.

Without further ado, let’s begin.


One of my favorite places to write is my local library. Modern libraries have study rooms so you can go inside and quietly knock out your work.

Coffee Shops

If you like to drink coffee or lattes, head to your local coffee shop or Starbucks and bring your laptop or pen and paper to knock out some words on paper.

Some people like the sound of the coffee shops and the buzz of people walking by. Also, most coffee shops have wifi., so you can do any research if you need to.


Writing at the bookstore is another great place to write. You will be surrounded by books, from bestsellers to children’s books to magazines. Most bookstores nowadays have a coffee shop and wifi access, so you should have no problems writing your book.


If you need a tranquil place to write, without any people, noise, or distractions, try renting a cabin in the wilderness.

A cabin in the wilderness will give you the peace and quiet you have dreamed of for writing and will help clear your mind so you can become more creative and get a lot of work done.


Another good place to write is at a hotel. Many people overlook this option, but honestly, it is one of the best places to write. Book a room for the night and bring your pen, paper, and laptop.

But book a room at a decent hotel, not a roach motel. Getting a room at a roach motel will defeat the purpose because there will be loud parties and people making noise, making your time unproductive.

Coworking Space

If you live in a major metropolitan area, you likely have coworking spaces you can pay to gain access to.

A lot of coworking spaces have open-area seating and individual offices. Also, you will meet entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and remote workers from all industries, so the opportunities to network with other creatives will be endless.


If you live in a highrise apartment building and you have access to the roof, consider using the rooftop as a writing space.

Bringing your laptop or pen and paper on the roof on a nice day, with nothing but blue skies overhead, will inspire you to write as many quality words as possible.


Writing at your local park can help with your writing also. Just make sure no events are going on that may distract you.


Writing at the beach with ocean waves crashing against the shore, seagulls crowing, and the smell of salt in the air can be very relaxing. When you are in a relaxed state of mind, you can enter the flow state and knock out a good amount of writing.


Go to your local pool right when it opens to get some peace and quiet to write. If you go any later in the day, it will likely be packed with kids screaming, which will annoy you.

That’s all that I have for this list. If you have any other locations you feel are an excellent place to write, feel free to leave it in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon.


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