October 24


Writing a Book is Not Easy

If you have never written a book, I will be brutally honest and tell you the truth.

It’s not easy. Not by a long shot.

You may think your favorite authors were born authors and could write a 100,000-word novel straight from their mother’s womb.

The truth is that no one is born a writer. It’s a skill they have developed from years of writing, making errors, correcting their errors, and learning & improving their craft as time passes.

And they use those skills to write books and satisfy their readers’ cravings.

An author rarely knocks it out of the park with the first book. They may have a lot of errors, or it just doesn’t live up to readers expectations. But through continuous improvement, they write better books, ultimately leading to a bestseller.

In this article, I want to share a few reasons why writing a book is not easy.

I will share with you the harsh reality of being an author, and after reading this, you can decide for yourself if this path is for you…or not.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

It Takes Persistence and Consistency

Writing a full-length fiction or non-fiction book does not happen overnight.

Depending on your skill level, it will take you a few weeks, a few months, and sometimes a few years to complete it.

There will be days when you don’t feel like writing, but you must push through the pain and get words down on paper or screen.

There will also be times when you feel like you will never get your book finished and have thoughts of quitting.

Get those negative thoughts out of your head. Remind yourself of the end goal and how good it will feel to have your book in readers’ hands finally.

Also, you must stay consistent. If you want to finish your book, you have to write as much and as often as you can.

If you stay consistent, I assure you that you will reach your end goal and finish your book.

Persistence and Consistency are paramount when writing and finishing a book.

You Have to Write an Engaging Book

If you want to write a book that people will love, you have to make an engaging and captivating book that readers don’t want to put down.

If you write nonsense or crap, you will lose readers and have difficulty getting new readers.

Whichever type of book you decide to write, you should write it so your reader is eager to turn the page and not put it down.

Your book should hook your readers and make them lifelong fans of your work.

You Must Be a Lifelong Student

You must be a lifelong student of this craft.

You must never stop learning and never get too comfortable.

To improve your writing, study famous and successful authors and observe how they write books.

You can also read educational books on improving your writing and take courses from reputable people with a track record.

There is always room for improvement; you should never get too comfortable.

Writing books is a lifelong journey. Not a short sprint.

You Will Have to Market Your Book

Assuming you are going the self-publishing route, you must learn how to market your book.

Yes, that’s right. When you finish writing the book you worked so hard on, you must market it yourself.

But don’t worry, I have there’s good news.

Book promotion services, such as Freebooksy, Fussy Librarian, Robin Reads, etc., will promote your book for you for a fee. Their promotion tactics reach thousands of readers, so you can get your book into many people’s hands.

You Will Face Criticism

I will share with you the harsh reality of writing a book.

You will face criticism.

Whether from your editors, proofreaders, reviewers, readers, etc.

Some of the criticism you may not like, but it’s important not to take it personally.

You should take the criticism as advice as to what to improve so you can write books that people will love.

Not everyone is going to love your book. And that is OK.

Use the criticism as a learning opportunity and continue improving your writing.

In conclusion, writing a book is not easy for everyone.

But the result is so rewarding when you finally see it published on an online marketplace such as Amazon, Apple Books, etc.

So keep writing. Keep improving. And I’m sure you will reach your end goal of publishing your book.


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