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What is Writer’s Block and 7 Ways to Overcome it

Writer’s block is something each of us has dealt with at some point in our lives.

Do you have an important article to write, but you can’t find the motivation to write the first sentence? You have writer’s block.

Do you have an essay you need to turn in class, but you are too busy messing around with your distractions? You have writer’s block.

Are you writing a book, but one day, you can’t seem to get your brain juices flowing to get in writing mode? My friend, you are suffering from writer’s block.

But what exactly is the definition of writer’s block? Here is the definition from Wikipedia, which I believe defines it well.

Writer’s block is a non-medical condition primarily associated with writing, in which an author is either unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.

Writer’s block is caused by many factors, which can hinder us from completing our written tasks.

Some of us know exactly the issue, while others don’t. I will list a few of the causes of writer’s block so you can see for yourself if any of these applies to your situation.


Dealing with stress is one of the top causes of writer’s block. Having negative things or strains in your personal life can block your creativity and cause you to stop writing.

This is understandable. We have all been there.


Fear is another reason why people get writer’s block. Whether you fear people negatively criticizing your work or you fear that your writing will be rejected.

When people experience fear in writing, it can hold them back from releasing their full potential.


Overthinking and overanalyzing what you will write or how others will perceive your writing can cause you not to start writing.

Too Many Ideas

If you have too many ideas swirling around in your head, this can cause you to experience writer’s block.

Having many ideas can clog your brain and can pause your writing attempts.

Not Enough Ideas

Not having enough ideas to write about is another cause of writer’s block.

If you did not take the time to plan out what you are going to write or come up with enough ideas, it can hold you back.

Now that I discussed some of the causes of writer’s block, I want to provide you with solutions so you can overcome it.

Defeating writer’s block is not as hard or complicated as you think. It’s rather quite simple if I’m going to be honest with you…

Use one or more of these strategies to beat writer’s block, and you will be back on track to pumping out words in no time.

Go for a Walk

If you have trouble getting your first few words on paper or typing them on the screen, I highly suggest you go for a walk.

Walking outdoors will help you reduce your stress, improves your mood, and helps raises your endorphins so you can get the creative side of your brain firing on all cylinders.

Next time you are experiencing writer’s block, go for a walk around your neighborhood. Once you get back to your writing desk, you will notice that you will enter a “flow state” and pump out words effortlessly.

Stay Away From Distractions

Distractions affect everyone’s lives in some way, shape, or form.

When it comes to writing, messing around with distractions can cause you to lose a whole day, or more, of writing time.

If you have a lot of distractions in your home, find a quiet area or a room that is void of anything that can distract you, such as a tv, video game console, etc., and use that as your writing space.

Avoid Perfectionism

Most of us want our writing to be perfect and get accolades for flawless work.

But in reality, no one can be perfect. There is no such thing as being “perfect.”

Instead of editing while you write, looking for any grammar mistakes or punctuation flaws, and hoping that everyone will love your writing, just write and stop worrying about perfection.

When finished, you can self-edit or hand it off to an editor to correct any mistakes.

And who cares if everyone doesn’t love your work? Some people will. Some people won’t. The people who like your writing will be lifelong fans, who are the only ones you need to please.

Listen to Music

Listening to music can get you pumped up to start writing.

Listening to the right melody, with good beats, or just an instrumental can help you get in the mood to write.

Since I write novels in the post-apocalyptic genre, I like to listen to post-apocalyptic ambiance & sounds, which I find on YouTube, to help spark my writing and creativity.

Find which music works for you and start listening to it while writing.

Find the Best Time of Day to Start Writing

In my opinion, this technique is the best way to overcome writer’s block.

I do all of my writing between 4 AM-12 PM, with breaks in between.

After 12 PM, my brain shuts down, and I cannot write anymore.

Find which time of day works for you, and start blocking out that specific time so you can use that for writing and make it a daily habit. If you do this, you will rarely experience writer’s block.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro method is a time management technique where you work for 25 minutes non-stop, with breaks every 5 minutes.

There are plenty of Pomodoro apps you can download on your smartphone to use as a timer to try out this method.

Use a Writing Prompt

Another way to defeat writer’s block is to use a writing prompt.

If you have never heard of a writing prompt, it is a sentence or two that revolves around a topic or theme. These prompts are meant to kickstart your creativity. You can find these prompts all over the internet.

Try Writing in Another Genre

Sometimes we get bored writing in the same genre for multiple books.

Boredom can lead to writer’s block, which makes us unproductive.

Try switching up genres from time to time. Writing in a new genre can help you get excited about writing again and help jumpstart your creativity.

That’s all that I have for you today. Do you agree or disagree with anything I mentioned in this article? If you have more ideas to beat writer’s block, please mention them in the comment section below.

Thank you for coming by, and I will see you next time!


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